Built on TrustAn effective client-advisor relationship built on a foundation of  mutual trust.  In the course of developing a goal-based plan we're going to ask you a lot of questions about your goals, dreams, and values. You need to feel comfortable, and it is important that the client and advisor be a "good fit."

What type of client would be a "good fit" with Cedar Financial Advisors?

  • Goal-oriented, who are willing to commit to the process understanding that there will be work involved.

  • Comfortable delegating and trusting an advisor as a long-term partner.

  • Understands and aligned with our investing philosophy.

  • A person who is seeking to consistently “beat the market” is not a good fit.

  • A person who prefers a casual atmosphere.  We each work from a home office and also have a Business Office in Beaverton.  The office is a comfortable, casual environment, and working from home part time allows us to spend more time with family. Client meetings are held at our Business Office in Beaverton. However, if you are looking for an advisor with a fancy downtown office, we are probably not a “good fit”.