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When you partner with Cedar Financial Advisors, our reasoned relationship will unfold in a two-step flow for guiding you through identifying, prioritizing and achieving your life’s greatest goals.

  1. Financial Planning: It begins with our five-step point-in-time financial planning process (for a one-time fee). Here, we’ll build understanding and organize your interests. What’s important to you? Your life’s story matters to us. We’ll coach you through sharing it, and we’ll share our story with you.
  2. Wealth Management: Over time, our services evolve into ongoing wealth management (for a fixed annual fee). Personal connections matter, but so do logistics. Across your far-reaching wealth interests, what’s holding you back – personally and financially? How can we help?

Throughout, we’ll address common sticking points that block the way to true financial independence.

  • Emotional triggers and ingrained “scripts”: What hidden influences are driving your relationship with your money?
  • Financial complexities: Drawing on our personal and professional experience, we’ll help you take on your trickiest planning challenges.
  • Change: Who you are today may not be who you become or what you wish to be tomorrow. Together, we’ll continue to manage whatever life has in store for you and your family.

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