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Wealth Management

Once your financial plan is complete, the next steps are to implement the plan and monitor your progress. Implementing your financial plan is like taking a river journey, and a wealth manager is your river guide.  During the journey, your guide is constantly making adjustments to keep you on course.  Your guide has the training, skills, and preparation to deal with any unexpected rough water that you may encounter along the way. Successful investing requires objectivity, and few of  us are objective with our own money.  You will need to consistently make course adjustments in order to reach your personal and financial goals.  You may be able to reach your destination on your own, but when your journey covers uncharted waters, you can benefit from having an experienced guide.

Wealth Management Role

A Wealth Manager is unbiased, competent professional who takes a holistic approach helping you achieve your personal and financial goals.  Wealth Management incorporates ongoing financial planning and investment management.

Wealth Management Services

We will assist you in the comprehensive management of affairs surrounding your wealth, including:

  • Ongoing Financial Planning advice in areas such as cash management, retirement income, risk management, employee stock options and restricted stock, deferred compensation, education funding, health care planning, retirement planning, estate planning and tax planning.

  • Referrals, meetings, phone calls, and other coordination efforts with your other advisors including attorney, accountant, trustee, banker, insurance agent, etc..

  • Compile a Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  The IPS governs the implementation of your asset allocation and investment plan.  The IPS incorporates your goals, asset allocation, investor profile, constraints, and rebalancing procedures.  Think of the IPS as a “job description” for your investments.

  • Implementation of the financial plan and Investment Policy Statement.

  • Ongoing monitoring and support of your plan, including rebalancing and management for tax efficiency.

  • Periodic reporting. Provide a comprehensive inventory of your managed investments.

  • Periodic plan review, analysis of your progress, and adjustments as necessary.

Wealth Management services are offered only to clients who have completed a financial plan.  To see if Wealth Management services are right for you, schedule a Get Acquainted meeting.