Wealth Management

Ideally, you hire us at the outset to create simplicity out of your financial complexities. But then, no matter how well we plan upfront, life happens.

As your experienced and collaborative wealth guide, we thrive on helping you thrive through ongoing wealth management – over the years and across a range of core competencies.

Ambitious life aspirations: Crafting encore careers, enjoying retirement, blending an ideal work/life balance.

Intricate inheritances and estate plans: Managing sudden wealth, caring for special need family members, tax-wise philanthropic planning.

Convoluted company benefits: Stock options and RSUs, deferred compensation. packages, PERS and defined contribution plans, etc.

Core planning areas:

Investment Management

Key to your family’s wealth, we’ll also help you manage your personal investments by guiding you through how to shape your investment plan around what you want to do with your money, when you want to do it.

Integrate your far-flung holdings into a unified, globally diversified portfolio, balanced for achieving your whole-life goals while managing the investment risks involved. Structure your tax-efficient portfolio according to the tenets of sound investing, using low-cost index mutual funds and ETFs.

Maintain your investments over time and across market conditions (including helping you remain informed and in charge during the tough times).

For additional insights, we recommend “The Investment Answer” by Gordon Murray and Dan Goldie.

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