The Retirement Planning Challenge

When your retire, your objective shifts from accumulating wealth to creating a lifetime supply of inflation-protected income.  The goal changes from "how much" to "how long"

Retirement Planning - Six Key Risks


Longevity Many people underestimate their life span and risk outliving their assets.
 Health Care Expenses  Rising health care costs coupled with inadequate health care coverage can have a devastating impact on a retirement income plan.
 Inflation  Inflation increases the future costs of goods and services and may erode the value of assets set aside to meet those costs.
 Asset Allocation  Retirees with a portfolio overly concentrated in conservative investments expose themselves to a greater risk of outliving their assets.
 Withdrawal Rate  Aggressive withdrawal rates increase the likelihood that retirees will deplete their assets prematurely.
 Sequence of Returns  The sequence of investment returns can have a critical impact on portfolio value when your are withdrawing due to the compounding effect on the annual account balances and annual withdrawals.

The Retirement Planning Process

Your retirement plan needs to comprehend and address the six key risks when possible and appropriate.  

Retirement planning is the process of establishing a advisor-client relationship, identifying your goals and dreams, analyzing and evaluating your situation, developing the most appropriate planning recommendations to meet your goals, implementing the recommendations, and monitoring the implementation to keep you on track.

Our retirement planning services are tailored to meet your concerns and priorities, with a focus on addressing the six key risks.  A comprehensive retirement plan includes advice in areas including risk management and insurance, income tax planning, retirement income planning, investments and estate planning.  Retirement planning is most effective using an integrated approach, which allows us evaluate interrelated issues and develop alternate scenarios.

When your Retirement Plan is complete, you have options regarding the implementation and monitoring of your Plan.  You can either:

  • Implement the recommendations yourself and schedule periodic, as-needed reviews to monitor your progress.
  • Mutually agree to a ongoing relationship.  We will determine the Wealth Management services appropriate for your unique situation.

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