Peggy Kessinger, MBA, CFP® | Advisor, Partner

MBA, University of Oregon | B.S., Industrial & Operations Engineering, University of Michigan

Cedar Financial Advisors, LLC

3853 SW Hall Blvd
Beaverton, OR 97005

My Roots: How you grow up impacts your life and your relationship with money. My father was in the Air Force, so I moved a lot as a child. Leaving my friends was always difficult. When I was young, we moved from Tucson to Houston, and I left behind my best friend Becky. I wanted to visit her, so I saved my allowance and did extra chores around the house to buy the $90 plane ticket. At 10 years old, I experienced my first taste of what it felt like to achieve my dreams by creating financial independence.

Early “Retirement”: Building on that early lesson, along with years of schooling and hard work, I eventually established a successful career as an engineering manager in the computer industry, settling here in Oregon. I thrived on collaborating in a team environment where we solved complex problems to bring new products to market. To our good fortune, my husband and I also worked with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who taught us how to live off our wealth. I was able to retire by age 39.

Defining Moments: I wasn’t retired for long. A year later, we adopted three more children. In one day, we grew from a family of four to a family of seven. For the next decade, I was logistics queen and community volunteer, striving to keep the wheels on the bus. Once there was a light at the end of the tunnel, I realized how much I missed my professional career and collaborative relationships.

Becoming a Financial Life Planner: When it was time to plan my next move, I was inspired by how much our advisor had helped us achieve financial independence. I decided I wanted to do the same for others. Soon, Tim and I realized we could both do even more by uniting at Cedar Financial Advisors with a shared commitment to our clients’ success, complementary skill sets, and varied perspectives.

My “Why”: When you pick up people’s money, you pick up their lives. My most satisfying moments are when I can engage with a family and help them address their financial incongruences.

Bet You Didn’t Know …

Home, sweet home:
She and her husband own the Plumper Pumpkin Patch & Tree Farm. “Have you visited?”
Restful retreat:
A creekside cabin near Cape Lookout.
Greatest adventure.
Swimming with penguins in Galapagos Islands.
Staying in shape:
Pilates and a personal trainer. “I need supervision to exercise.”
Family Pastime:
Board games. “I’m hard to beat at Settlers.”
Lifetime lesson:
“Control is an illusion. Never had it, never will.”

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